Senior Graduates of 2019 Ambassador Program

Senior Graduate  of 2019 Ambassador Program

What you the Ambassador Receives:

  • In person consultation: We meet and design your shoot. We figure out the look and feel, location & style. I help you work out your wardrobe choices via conversation and a questionnaire. You will also receive a prep sheet to help you get ready.
  • Make Over (*optional, your choice)

  • Complimentary photo shoot (no sitting fee, $180 value) food and transportation are also provided.

  • Photo viewing session (this is when you get to see the results from your shoot and choose the photos you love.

  • 2 complimentary prints of your choosing plus smart phone app which contains 10 lo res digitals.

In return, you the ambassador agree to share your experience and photos among your peers.


Referral Program:

Path 1: Cash

  • $75 per each referral who books with me (cancellations do not count).

  • For every 5th friend who books you receive a $100 bonus.


Path 2: Prints & Reveal Box

  • 1 print per each referral who has booked with me (cancellations do not count).

  • When you hit 5 friends who have booked you receive 4 additional prints plus Reveal Box.

  • Total Value: 1280 + 180 sit fee = $1460 value

email:  (apologies for this not being a direct link yet)