High School Senior Photos

Including Family in Senior Pictures by Shawnalee Anderton

Something that seems to be trending recently is including family in part of the Senior photo shoot. I have to say, this is a brilliant idea. Not only do they get stunning senior photos, family portraits are created in the same session to be cherished by loved ones. And what incredible timing to do such a thing!

This is a time of transition. Often, the senior is going off to College or University very soon after. Or they may just be ready to move out. Certainly, they are now entering into the world of being an adult and this in of itself is change within the family. It is a time worthy of professional photos. Heirloom photos that will last a lifetime.

Do not be afraid of it taking away from your senior’s moment. I make sure that they get the limelight. It is no big deal to have family step in for a few shots and then let the senior have the stage!

Below, I have included one of each from senior sessions that included family in some way. Of course, there were many more individual shots of the seniors but I wanted to keep it to a digestible size for this post. Enjoy! And please reach out to me when you are ready to book or just want to find out more info!

Now Searching for High School Class of 2020 Senior Models by Shawnalee Anderton

Cover for Model Call-1.jpg

Link to model application form here.

I am VERY excited to offer a model opportunity with my studio this year. This came up for me organically since my work was published in the July/Aug edition of Fashion Mag: Tearsheet PDX. See submissions section pg. 74-77, model: Justin Peters. I reached out to him to create a series for the sole purpose of submitting to this magazine. And the series made it in!!!!



It’s About


A few days passed and it dawned on me. I can offer something really special to the upcoming highschool class of 2020. This not only about getting discounts and being featured on social media. It’s about the possibility of being published in a beautiful Fashion Magazine! Fantastic Exposure!

And so, it’s official, Shawnalee Studios is now searching for class of 2020 high school seniors for our new model program. This is an opportunity to be selected for submission to Fashion Publication, Tearsheet pdx as well as Shawnalee Studios advertising and social media.

Can’t wait to see what comes of this adventure. I find high school seniors to be an amazing age to work with. Fun, energetic, the list goes on!

We will only be accepting 5 students this year so if you know someone who might be interested, get them to fill out an application ASAP, I anticipate that the spots will fill up quickly.

Link to model application form here.