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Shawnalee Anderton is a photographer based in Portland OR, originally from way up North in Canada...Yes, it got cold.

Indeed, I learned a lot up living up there. Like, you have to plug in your car when it gets below -30C (-20F). But enough about the cold North. I am now here in Portland and so far no plugging the car in! Also, the food trucks here rock!

The temperature in Portland is much more agreeable too. I love to be outside in the fresh air which is why, when you come to me for a portrait session, typically we are outdoors(ish). My place of choice is my 'Open Air' studio. It allows me more flexibility... blending natural light with studio light… the ability to easily create a customized set... Going on location is also possible. If you have a place you love such as a room in your home or a beautiful open field...I'm good to go!

UK Magazine, Bombshell 

Portrait Masters Award

Apex Award of Excellence

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Shawnalee Anderton
+1 503 896 6723



I like to fit inside tiny spaces.

well, at least for this shot. :-)

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