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Shawnalee Anderton is a photographer based in Portland OR, originally from way up North in Canada...Yes, it got cold.

Indeed, I learned a lot living up there. Like, you have to plug in your car when it gets below -30C (-20F). Manners are a good thing, Nature is more important than anything else. But enough about the North. I am now here in Portland and it has a lot to offer! So far no plugging the car in! Also, the food trucks here rock!

The temperatures in Portland are quite agreeable. I love to be outside in the fresh air & natural light. Which is why, when you come to me for a portrait session, typically we are outdoors(ish). My place of choice is my 'Open Air' rustic studio space. Its a creative space & allows me flexibility... blending natural light with studio light… the ability to easily create a customized set... Going on location is also possible. If you have a place you love such as a room in your home or a beautiful open field...I'm good to go!

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Shawnalee Anderton
+1 503 896 6723

Awards & Accolades

Top 10% Most Popular Photographer of 2018: Viewbug

Full page spread: UK Magazine: Bombshell

Bronze Award: Portrait Masters

Award of Excellence: Apex Awards



I like to fit inside tiny spaces.

well, at least for this shot. :-)

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