Photo Prep: Female Expression

How to Prepare to Look Your Best...

  • If you paint your nails, make sure they are freshly-painted, if not, make sure they are clean.
  • Moisturize and scrub away dry skin.

  • If you are doing your own makeup, A little heavier (if you wear it). If you don’t ordinarily, a little mascara and a touch of lip gloss can make a big difference.

  • Keep hair style simple and natural. Your look should be true to yourself.

  • Very important: If you are going to cut and or colour your hair, schedule this no closer than 1 week before. Same rule applies to tanning.

  • Bring touch up essentials: make-up, blush, hairspray, hair clips, etc.

  • Bring extra clothing…it’s always better to have more than you need than not enough!

  • Iron and hang your clothes…wrinkles show up in photographs.

  • Bring your music! I find that it is way easier to pose when listening to some good tunes.

  • Most important: Be yourself! Your senior photo should be unique to your life and and who you are!